Meet Ovaldo!



Meet four-year-old Ovaldo. He was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy. Ovaldo is nonverbal. He is also unable to walk. He remains joyful despite these hurdles.


Ovaldo has a variety of interests. His favorite show is Paw Patrol. His taste in music is varied, but he laughs whenever hearing a favorite song. Ovaldo has a great collection of toy cars that stimulate his imagination. Ovaldo  also just attended school, and he is enjoying the new experience. Most of all, Ovaldo loves spending quality time with his brothers—he simply adores them! This little boy at all times is never without his radiant smile. That eternal radiance is a source of inspiration for us all!


Ovaldo needs   a manual tilt wheelchair to give him more independence. The tilt will relieve pressure and allow him to be more comfortable. Please be his sponsor!