Meet Prahas!


Meet 15-year-old Prahas. He was diagnosed at seven years old with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. His condition has progressed rapidly over the last year. He tires easily and can only walk in short distances with  assistance. He also needs help to get into a standing position. Prahas, despite his growing limitations, remains happy.


Prahas has a variety of interests. He can play Minecraft for hours and even enjoys the soundtrack for the popular game. He likes reading books about zoology. Prahas had the best day ever when the Make a Wish Foundation sponsored his trip to the San Diego Zoo—he never stopped smiling at all of the animals. Prahas attends school and his favorite subjects are biology and science. He also loves swimming, but his condition is making this exercise more difficult. Most of all Prahas is an awesome boy. He is determined to be independent and do everything without help. Praahas sometimes has to be creative to find new ways of doing things. He is happy and does not take life too seriously. He is aptly named. Prahas defines always being joyful. He is our radiant beam of sunshine that pierces any dark cloud!


Prahas received an EZ Lite Cruiser powerchair to give him more independence and to be able to use at school to get from classroom to classroom. Thanks to the generosity of his sponsor Harold Bearman he can now enjoy cruising in his new chair while not having to worry about getting tired easily!