Meet 18-year-old Raven. Until recently, she was a healthy young lady with the same concerns as anybody else her age. Unfortunately, in 2021, Raven contracted the COVID virus. She eventually took both COVID shots in hopes of avoiding another sickness. Sadly, Raven developed a neurological disorder as a result from complications from her second shot. She has been in the hospital for two months. She was fully independent six months ago. She is now in a wheelchair and needs help with simple tasks. Raven remains strong and determined despite her new struggles.


Raven has a variety of popular interests. Her favorite sports are Little League and cheerleading competitions. Raven enjoys going to the mall and buying purses or shoes to add to her impressive collection! Her biggest hobby is photography. She also recently graduated from high school and excelled in math and science. Before COVID, Raven aspired to work in the healthcare field, and she is determined enough to still accomplish this goal. Raven, most of all, is known to be energetic and kindhearted. She is aptly named. Ravens are highly intelligent and  skilled problem solvers. Our Raven fits the description. She solves every problem with a beautiful smile and a determined spirit strong enough to soar above her obstacles. We all look up to her example.


Raven needs a ramp for home so she can enter and exit safely using her wheelchair. Please be her sponsor!