Meet five-year-old Rihanna. She was diagnosed with an illness known as Cerebrospinal Ataxia 29, which causes hypotonia and other trials. She has severe muscle weakness and can only crawl or stand with assistance. Rihanna, however, is a joyful girl even with her tribulations.


Rihanna has a few, simple interests. She watches shows that teach about letters, numbers, and shapes. She enjoys listening to piano music with her sister. Rihanna also likes scooting around on the floor and playing with her siblings. Most importantly, Rihanna is sweet and thankful for everything. She shows her love and appreciation by giving warm hugs. Focusing on the negative aspects of life is easy. Rihanna decides to concentrate more on the positive. She is an inspiration and teaches us to appreciate every moment. We can learn a lot from this brave girl.


Rihanna needs a stroller to provide better support and comfort while also making transportation easier. Please be her sponsor!