Meet Rivky!


Meet 13-year-old Rivky. She was born a healthy girl and met all of her milestones until a high fever changed her life. Doctors dismissed it as a viral infection. The next day Rivky was rushed to the ER and placed on a respirator. She spent six months in the hospital.  Rivky has a traumatic brain injury with lasting effects. She cannot walk and needs assistance to stand. Rivky manages to move forward despite her many limitations and hardships.


Rivky has numerous interests. Her favorite television show is Uncle Moshe. She listens to Yiddish music. She likes physical activities, especially swimming and bike riding. Rivky has other hobbies, but a great personality is the best part of this young girl. Her high intelligence is surpassed only by an endless smile is as bright and warm as an afternoon sun. She is beautiful inside and out. Ricky is aptly named. In her Jewish culture, Ricky means to tie or bind. This brave girl is the inspirational center that ties her family together and binds them all in love.

Rivky needs a therapy bike so she can participate in the activities that her peers participate in, while having fun and strengthening her leg muscles. Please be her sponsor!