Meet Sarah!



Meet six-year-old Sarah. This brave girl was around eight months old when she began experiencing uncontrollable seizures. She had a hemispherectomy at the age of two to lessen the seizures. Unfortunately, the procedure caused her to have partial paralysis. She currently wears leg braces and uses a gait trainer for mobility. Sarah, despite her hardships, remains upbeat.


Sarah enjoys several pastimes. She listens to kid’s music on her iPad, and her favorite song is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” She has more fun going to live concerts, though. She also enjoys taking strolls in the park or simply being outdoors. Sarah, best of all, is a sweet girl. She loves being around people. She has an everlasting smile that is Heaven sent. She is a ray of sunshine who brightens up our lives!


Sarah needs a therapy bicycle to improve her leg strength and overall fitness. She will also have fun riding the bike outdoors. Please be her sponsor!