Meet Simeon!



Meet five-year-old Simeon, who was diagnosed with an intellectual disorder known as ADNP syndrome. He also has hypotonia which causes mobility challenges. He tires easily after walking very short distances. He has more trials but remains a happy boy. 


Simeon enjoys several activities to enhance his childhood. He listens to a variety of songs and falls asleep to classical music. He bonds with his dad by watching basketball. He has a variety of toys that light up and play music, but his favorite is banging on a cool set of drums. He also has fun riding swings at the park. Simeon, most of all, is adorable. He likes to make people laugh by doing silly pranks, including wearing his sunglasses upside down. He has a magical way of spreading happiness to everyone. Simeon is the perfect example that the smallest things in life can bring us joy. 


Simeon needs a manual wheelchair to provide him with independent mobility for short and long distances. Please be his sponsor!