Meet Simon!


Meet eight-year-old Simon. Sadly, he began having seizures shortly after his birth. Doctors determined he has cerebral palsy. He was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Simon has an elevated risk of falling and is unable to stand without supervision. Simon has other challenges, but he remains a happy boy.

Simon has an array of interests. He is a fan of the hit show, Cocomelon. He listens to cheerful kids’ music, including “La Baca Lola.” He is an intelligent and hard-working student at school. Simon enjoys riding his bicycle during school—he even cries when it is time to go home. He likes taking car rides and simply going around town. Most of all, Simon is a terrific boy. He has a sweet personality that draws people in and keeps them close. He is the magnet that pulls our heartstrings with each flash of his radiant smile!

Simon needs a therapy tricycle to use at home. The trike will help to improve his ability to stand by promoting better leg strength and balance. He will also have fun riding the trike. Please be his sponsor!