Meet Srikrishna!



Meet eight-year-old Srikrishna. He was born prematurely at 29 weeks. Sadly, he was eventually diagnosed with spastic triplegia. He uses a wheelchair most of the time and needs help with many daily activities. Srikrishna remains joyful despite his tribulations.


Srikrishna enjoys numerous pastimes. He is a fan of Batman and Spiderman movies. He follows many types of sports, including his favorite basketball team, the 76ers—he is even a fan of their team song, “Here Come the 76ers.” He also loves the Eagles! Srikrishna attends school, and he is passionate about English, math, science, and music. He also loves hanging out with his friends. Srikrishna is an awesome kid. He is loving to everybody. He is always smiling and positive. Srikrishna is usually on the go, and he goes straight into our hearts.


Srikrishna needs a manual wheelchair that he can maneuver with one arm. He has another chair only for school and the one currently at home does not fit. Please be his sponsor!