Meet Stephanie!



Meet seven-year-old Stephanie. She was diagnosed with numerous illnesses, including cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She is unable to walk or stand and uses a wheelchair for mobility. She has endured hip surgeries and other procedures. Stephanie is cheerful even with these vast challenges.

Stephanie has a variety of interests. She likes watching the hit show Cocomelon. She listens to children’s music, and her favorite song is Baby Shark. She likes looking at books with beautiful princesses. Most of all, Stephanie loves being with her mom. They spend the day playing with toys or taking walks in the park. They are the best of friends. Stephanie is described by her dedicated mother as always smiling, silly, and the center of attention. She is also the center of inspiration.

Stephanie received an adaptive Tricycle with head and trunk support. This modification is important since she cannot hold herself upright. Through the help of Asoftsky and Shirakiku Stephanie has been able to receive her trike!