Meet Adina!



Meet four-year-old Adina. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The illness makes standing impossible without having complete assistance, but this does not prevent her from being a happy girl.


Adina has a few interests that give her a fun childhood. She, similar to nearly EVERY girl her age, adores the movie Frozen. Her favorite tv show is Paw Patrol. Adina listens to a wide variety of music and sings to all of ,the songs, even if she doesn’t know the language. She reads and her most beloved book is Pete the Cat. Adina simply enjoys a good tale and Storytime is her favorite part of a school day. She also feels exhilarated when playing on swings at the park. Most importantly, Adina is described as highly intelligent—she is even an old soul. Adina’s siblings will leave the dinner table, but this rare girl prefers to stay behind and talk with the adults. She listens to every word and feels right at home. She has the ability to understand and participate in their conversations, which sometimes is in Hebrew. The adults welcome her company. Adina’s mom says that wherever her daughter goes she spreads blessings. Adina is aptly named. In Israel, the name means beautiful, and that perfectly describes our little Adina.


She needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. The trike will also be another outlet for her to have fun. Please be her sponsor!    


Adina came by the office to pick up her gently used therapy trike. She was a little shy at first, once we got outside where she could self-propel she began to show us her moves! Mom had tears rolling down her checks and couldn’t believe she could take home this much needed equipment for her child at no cost! Adina, keep ridding and showing us what you can do, we’re so proud of you!