Meet Alexcia!



Meet five-year-old Alexcia. This little girl began in her life in unthinkable ways. She was born with a rare heart defect which required three open heart surgeries and caused a stroke. She developed hydrocephaly and seizure disorder. She also suffers from left-sided paralysis. Alexcia has a strong will and an even stronger support system to help her along the tough road.

Alexcia is not alone in her fight for happiness. She watches television with her caring sister. One of their favorites is the Disney movie, Frozen. It’s an appropriate film about two sisters with an unshakable bond. Alexcia also likes cuddling with her kitty. Alexcia reaches out with her strong hand and strokes the cat’s soft fur while it purrs contentedly. Often, Alexcia will have a bad day and mom or dad will pick her up to dance. She calms down and is soothed by her parents’ gentle embrace. The young girl, however has an iron resolve. She glares if something does not go her way. Alexcia will argue with her mom if there is a disagreement. Its this feisty behavior that helps Alexcia to fight an almost unbeatable illness. Almost is the keyword. Alexcia always wins.

Alexcia needed a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina and endurance. The trike would also be another opportunity for her to have fun. Thanks to Wheelchairs 4 Kids Alexcia received the trike she needed! Now she has the opportunity to have some added physical therapy everyday while she enjoys playing outside and riding her bike just like all her friends! This extra workout will allow her to gain much needed muscle strength and help her on her way to standing and walking.