Alex is presented with a new Wheelchair!!!

On Tuesday, June 23rd Wheelchairs 4 Kids presented a new Convaid Rodeo Tilt Chair to 15-year- old Alex.  The chair was donated by MS Supply in honor of retired WFLA News Anchor, Gail Sierens.

Farie Troya of MS Supply in Tampa attended a fundraiser benefiting Wheelchairs 4 Kids and pledged to donate to the organization in honor of the selflessness of Gail Sierens and all that she has done for the Tampa Bay Community for so many years.  “She has been in our living room every day for as long as I can remember.  She is like a part of our family”, said Troya, “It’s our way of thanking her and giving back to the community”.

15-year-old Alex has cerebral palsy as well as many other medical challenges. Alex is non-verbal but uses an electronic device for communication. He is also visually impaired, being completely blind in one eye.  Alex is in 9th grade and plays baseball in the Challenger League, which provide opportunities for disabled children to participate in teamwork through sports. Alex received a Convaid Tilt Rodeo wheelchair with all of the accessories just in time for his family to go on vacation.  The Rodeo is convenient and so much easier for the family to transport.  The world just got a lot more accessible for Alex!