Angela’s Story!

photo-1Angela needed a therapeutic Tricycle. The goal was to increase her muscular strength and mobility in hopes of someday walking. Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to get a Rifton bike for this amazing young lady!

14 year-old Angela is a courageous girl who was diagnosed with congenital quadriplegia. Angela determined to push through life’s barriers.

Angela is a smart young lady who works hard at school where her favorite subjects are art, math and reading. She is also bilingual being fluent in English and Spanish. Angela spends time with her dad watching the Tampa Bay Rays each season! Angela is an outdoor girl, too. She likes going to the park and feeding the always hungry ducks. She is also thrilled when going to an amusement park and getting on handicap accessible rides. For the brave girl, having an illness is not a reason to do nothing, but a motivation to achieve everything!