Anthony Gets A Bath Seat!



In June, 2014 Anthony received a Starfish Bath Seat from Wheelchairs 4 Kids! Anthony’s new bath seat provides him a means to safely take a bath. The seat not only provides comfort but also stability and support for Anthony which makes him feel more secure in his environment.

Anthony is a one year old who has arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder that causes low muscle tone and joint contracture. As a result, Anthony’s mobility has been greatly impacted. He cannot sit up independently, has poor trunk control and has a lot of difficulty holding up his head. However, Anthony is a determined boy and is now undergoing physical therapy and occupational therapy to improve his mobility. Anthony required equipment that was adaptive to his needs and could provide support for his trunk and head.

Anthony’s family describes him as a happy kid who loves to go to the park! He enjoys watching his doggies play and getting to hang out with his brother and sister. Anthony also loves watching the “Mickey Mouse Club” and the movie “Ice Age.” Furthermore, Anthony enjoys listening to music from “Baby Einstein” and loves nature sounds. Anthony even likes to play with his family’s Windows 8 Venue Pro tablet and is able to use his feet to operate an application called Fireworks that displays fun and vibrant colors on the screen.