Meet Asher!



Meet three-year-old Asher. He was diagnosed at birth with a rare genetic disorder known as MELAS syndrome. The illness affects numerous bodily systems, including the brain, nerves, and muscles. The condition creates fatigue, muscle weakness,  difficulty breathing, and abdominal pain. Asher is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. He is completely dependent on his family for every need. He uses a lightweight wheelchair for mobility.  Asher’s illness is very difficult, and he  spends most of his time sleeping. The little boy, despite the struggles, is resilient.


Asher is not able to do much throughout the day because he is easily tired. He will pay attention to tv. He usually listens to music, though. Asher, when awake and alert, is very happy and always smiling. He is described as being adorable and strong. The name Asher defines him perfectly. Asher means joy. He is a blessing to his family and to those who can see his beautiful smile.


Asher needs a wheelchair lift for the family vehicle. The lift will make transportation easier and safer. Please be his sponsor!



Asher received his vehicle lift and mom is thrilled about hoe easy life has become. She no longer has to struggle with lifting his wheelchair in and out of the vehicle each time they have to leave the house. This is an endless back-breaking job!