Meet Ashley!



Meet 11-year-old Ashley. She was diagnosed with a nervous system disorder known as Angelman Syndrome. She is nonverbal and cognitively equivalent to a toddler. She walks only with complete assistance. Ashley is a lovely girl despite her frustrating challenges.


Ashley inspires her family in many ways. Simple things make her happy including playing in water or gazing at toys with lights. Ashley listens to music, and she is obsessed with Marc Anthony.  She melts whenever hearing his love songs. Ashley’s heart is the tie that binds her family. Her mom recently underwent a difficult procedure to remove a brain tumor. Ashley continues to brighten her mom’s spirit by giving tons of hugs and kisses. Ashley only cried twice in her life and her fighter’s determination inspires mom to be positive. This angel girl bravely endures Angelman syndrome and brings our world a little bit of Heaven.



Ashley received her trike and went straight for it! Mom told us she was up early the next morning and was ridding for almost 1 hour! All that extra physical therapy will surely improve her leg strength while helping with her quality of life as well! There’s nothing like a bike ride in the morning!