Meet Autumn!



Meet six-year-old Autumn. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She also had a liver transplant at only five months. Autumn has several resulting challenges. She is cognitively underdeveloped. She is currently learning how to talk. Autumn also works hard trying to walk with her gait trainer. Furthermore, the little girl has a compromised immune system which requires her to be home schooled. Autumn faces each of her obstacles with a positive attitude.


Autumn is best described as happy and carefree. She is always smiling, even while visiting her doctor. She prefers being at home, however, doing her favorite activities. Autumn likes Disney movies and tv shows because of their bright, vivid colors. She watches football with her family, too. During tv time this little girl gets a big appetite and only one meal is in order. Sweet potatoes and BBQ pulled pork. Yum! Once the tv is off, Autumn likes singing and dancing to upbeat music. In fact, her all-time favorite activity is wiggling whenever her heart desires. She wiggles during tv, music or even when seeing a friend. In this way, Autumn expresses enthusiasm and love. She is happiness in motion!


Autumn received a Height Right chair, now she can sit comfortably and safely at a table during therapy  and fun, family gatherings.