Ayden’s Success Story!



Ayden is an adorable 5-year-old diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy rendering him unable to walk, but that doesn’t slow him down!  Ayden is a master chess player who enjoys watching tennis and playing with his parakeet, Lightning.  Mom says that Ayden is always cheerful and energetic, despite his physical challenges.  His favorite movie is How To Train Your Dragon, and mom has been reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe with him. 

Due to Ayden’s spinal muscular atrophy, he is more prone to developing scoliosis.  His physical therapist has recommended a stander, which will allow him to spend more time in an upright position and to hopefully slow the progression of scoliosis, as well as giving him the benefit of weight bearing and being upright.  Insurance denied this important (and cost-prohibitive) piece of equipment, so mom struck out on her own to find a way to get a stander.   She contacted Wheelchairs 4 Kids, and, thanks to the Batchelor Foundation, we were able to get this stander for Ayden.  We stand with you, Ayden!