Bradley receives a wheelchair carrier for his

power wheelchair!


Bradley WC with Carrrier Pic

May 2014: Wheelchairs 4 Kids presents Bradley with a wheelchair carrier for his power wheelchair!

Bradley is a happy five-year-old boy who has spina bifida, hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. As a result, he has many challenges including being unable to walk and difficulty sitting up. Bradley is confined to a wheelchair and primarily uses a power wheelchair for mobility.  Bradley needed a vehicle carrier for his power wheelchair as it is too heavy to pick up and put in the family vehicle. Prior to receiving the carrier, Bradley’s family could not transport his power wheelchair to and from school and thus they were forced to leave it at school.  Now, Bradley can transport his power wheelchair and in turn has greater mobility!  The carrier allows Bradley to use the power wheelchair wherever he goes. Most children do not endure such challenges, however Bradley does not allow them to get him down. His determination inspires everyone to smile! 

Bradley fights each day to have fun like any other child. Bradley has a creative mind; one of his favorite activities is constructing monuments of fun with building blocks. He also loves playing with his kitchen set, toy cars and trucks.   Every kid feels the magic of Walt Disney and Bradley is no exception. He watches with ready eyes “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” and anything with Mickey Mouse. The Disney fan even listens to Disney Tunes!

Bradley Carrier Pic 1