Brandi gets an accessible bathroom!


Brandi likes her new shirt! accessible shower!!

September 2013: Brandi gets an accessible bathroom!

Brandi is a determined 17-year old who has defied the odds.  At 5 years of age, Brandi was diagnosed with Rett syndrome.  Rett syndrome is a brain disorder that is almost exclusive to girls.  A child will begin to develop normally and then suddenly begin to regress, losing speech and motor skills.  Most children will lose their ability to walk and care for themselves at a very young age.

Brandi is a shy little girl with an impish grin.  She loves to smile and spend time with her mom.  Brandi is still ambulatory and she and her mom are working hard to keep it that way.    Brandi likes to be as independent as possible.  She has difficulty getting up from a seated position and struggles in the bathroom.  She pulls on the vanity and rocks to get up which has caused damage to the walls and floors.

Brandi desperately needed a bathroom modification.  Specifically, she needed a higher toilet, handicap grab bars and a handicap bathtub. Now, Brandi has a beautifully remodeled bathroom!  Thanks so much to Jim’s Handy Solutions, Solid Rock Construction and the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for transforming Brandi’s bathroom and making it accessible, safe and beautiful!

IMG_1981 accessible shower!!

Brandi’s old bathroom                                      Brandi’s new accessible bathroom!