Brock’s Story!

20150607_130445Brock needed an adaptive stroller to simplify travel around the community. His current wheelchair was too bulky and complicated so Wheelchairs 4 Kids stepped in and got Brock a Freedom Push Chair.

Nine year-old Brock was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. He experiences fist-clenching trials resulting from these infirmities. This courageous child struggles to walk and cannot maneuver a wheelchair on his own. Nothing, however, averts his happiness.

Brock loves nothing more than a plate of spaghetti which always puts a big grin on his face. During good weather days, he tries to be physically active. Brock’s favorite school period is P.E. and recess when he can go outside and use his walker. The beach is his other preferred setting. The sound of crashing waves and warm sunrays quiet any stress in Brock as he fights to make small steps on the sandy shore.