Meet Brodie!



Meet six-year-old Brodie. He was diagnosed at birth with Menkes syndrome, which affects copper levels in the body. The illness does not have a cure and only the symptoms can be treated. His walking has diminished in recent years. He does not have fine motor skills. Brodie has many more difficult challenges and they will continue to deteriorate. His brother also has this most difficult syndrome. Brodie is not only surviving his illness. He is thriving.



Brodie retains his childhood by enjoying fun activities. His favorite tv show and movie are Peppa Pig and anything with Charlie Brown, respectively. He has a huge collection of Peppa Pig toys, too.  He loves when his siblings read to him great stories. One of his favorite outings is going to the library and looking at countless numbers of books. He is also a fan of seeing the animals at Sea World. The best critters, however, are closer to home. Brodie adores his two pet Chihuahua puppies, especially when they greet him with wagging tails  and slobbery kisses. Most importantly, Brodie has a strong personality to fit five people. He is very determined and fights to achieve his goals. He is charismatic and funny. He has a quick wit that makes people laugh and helps cope with his challenges. Brodie has a tough illness. He has adapted by having an even stronger spirit. This keeps him going and is our inspiration as he continues to beat all odds.


Brodie needs a manual wheelchair to improve his independent mobility. He is currently using his brother’s old chair that does not fit properly. Please be his sponsor!



Brodie received his first ever wheelchair at our Wheely Good Time event. Mom and Dad were teary eyed as they witnessed Brodie self-propelling for the very first time. Brodie loves his Superman colored wheelchair and plans th “wheel around” the beach!