Meet Carlos!



Meet 10-year-old Carlos. He was diagnosed with Periventricular leukomalacia, a brain injury that affects premature infants. The illness creates many challenges for the young boy.  Carlos has hypertonia, underdeveloped motor control, and severe coordination deficits. Consequently, he cannot walk without adaptive equipment. Carlos, however, has strength enough to be positive.


Carlos is full of life.  He has many creative hobbies.  He builds and plays with puzzles. He can spend hours painting beautiful pictures worthy of displaying on the fridge. In fact, he is always excited for art class in school. He also enjoys P.E. and being active. Carlos is a pro at playing catch with his classmates. He even competes in the Special Olympics.  He is known as Turbo Boy as he speeds with a gait trainer towards the finish line. More importantly Carlos has a heart more precious than a gold medal. Each time Carlos receives a gift, he ensures that his brother gets a present, too. He puts extra cookies in his lunch box for his school friends.  Carlos wants to share because he is grateful for everything. He shows is gratitude by giving lots of hugs and kisses to his family. He is our teacher. People can complain about the slightest inconveniences. Carlos overcomes his disability by celebrating the smallest blessings.


Carlos is requesting a Rifton tricycle to improve his leg strength and endurance.  The improvements will make walking on his gait trainer easier. 


Carlos was surprised with his therapy trike at our Wheely Good Time Auction event. Seeing his face light up as he rolled around was priceless! Mom says he has been out on his bike everyday. Way to go Carlos!