Meet Carolina!


Meet 13-year-old Carolina. She was diagnosed with a myriad of maladies, including spastic quadriplegia, scoliosis and developmental delay. Carolina is cognitively equivalent to a six-year-old child. She is also nonverbal and unable to walk. Sadly, her health is degrading due to low blood oxygenation. She remains upbeat despite these severe challenges.


Carolina enjoys life’s simplest pleasures. She has a vision impairment, but can listen to tv while focusing on a show’s vivid brightness. Carolina also loves hearing Spanish music. She likes playing with musical instruments, too. Her favorite physical activity is riding on mobility toys. Carolina does this and more with her mother’s help. The dedicated mom is her daughter’s only care giver. The mother describes Carolina, “She is my star. My moon. She brightens up my lonely nights. Her smile makes me happy.”


Carolina needs an adaptive stroller that will provide better comfort and easier transportation. Please be her sponsor!

Carolina received her stroller and mom is so happy to be able to leave the house with her. Carolina has several doctor appointments each week and trying to take the wheelchair with them was very taxing and even somewhat dangerous for the family.