Christopher Gets a Lift!

Wheelchairs 4 Kids gives Christopher a lift for his van!


The lift works! resized

Christopher is an intelligent and loving 18-year-old who was diagnosed with Gangliosidosis. He was able to walk and run but now uses a power wheelchair for mobility.  Sadly, his 2 siblings have also received the same diagnosis.

His atypical challenges do not deter a teenage heart. Like most guys, Christopher is an all American sports fan. He particularly loves the grid-iron combat of football. He cheers loudest when the San Francisco 49ers or Florida State Seminoles cross the line that turns players into play-makers and a cool 6 lights up the scoreboard. Those same play-makers are immortalized in his football card collection.

He also takes a more active role controlling the line of scrimmage in the popular Madden video game. Sometimes Christopher prefers golden-arches over goal-posts when hunger calls an audible for his favorite restaurant, McDonalds.

Wheelchairs 4 Kids provided Christopher with a wheelchair lift for his van. Now he can keep doctor’s appointments. Christopher might also ride to the nearest football game. His mom, Tina, really appreciates the help from Wheelchairs 4 Kids.

“I no longer have to carry Christopher and put him in our van,” said Tina.