Meet Daniela!



Meet 11-year-old Daniela. This little girl was diagnosed with a difficult illness known as West syndrome. The condition is characterized by infantile and epileptic spasms and intellectual disabilities. Daniela, as a result, is cognitively equivalent to an infant and nonverbal. She is completely dependent on her family for everyday tasks. Daniela, miraculously, loves her life despite the heartbreaking illness.

Daniela defines fun. She wiggles with delight and yells with joy whenever hearing her favorite songs. Daniela enjoys when mom and dad help her exercise. She thinks therapy is a game, and this creates a special way to bond with her family. The delightful child also is thrilled hearing her mom making animal sounds during Storytime. The dedicated mom describes her daughter best: “Daniela is an angel.  She came to make all our lives better, happy, complete.”

Daniela needs a lightweight tilt wheelchair so she can attend school while being comfortable. She currently does not have a wheelchair. The new equipment will promote a better quality of life for Daniela. Please be her sponsor!


Daniela received a special customized wheelchair. This wheelchair provides added comfort by aiding in the support of the curvature of her spine. This added comfort also assists in the correct posture helping prevent future aches and pains from improper seating.