Daniel’s Story!

458Daniel’s insurance company recently provided him with a push chair that offered no support for his posture. Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to get Daniel a stroller that is comfortable and fits him properly. Now Daniel is well supported and cushioned, and the 5 point harness protects him from slipping when he spasms and holds him securely.

Meet 7 year-old Daniel. He constantly battles against hydrancephaly, a brain disorder with severe results. His cognitive capacity is equivalent to a newborn. Daniel is also completely blind. Furthermore, his leg muscles are severely contracted to almost a fetal position.

Daniel reveals his angelic delight when attending church with his family. Their congregation sings a variety of worship music. Daniel hears the inspiring songs and his eyes illuminate with a halo’s glow. His family watches the little boy’s countenance reflect a spiritual peace. They recognize a simple truth. Daniel, through all of his trials, is the blessing that his family is thankful for each day.


Daniel in new Rodeo1  2015