Meet Danna!



Meet six-year-old Danna. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She also endures the trials of Dandy Walker syndrome, a congenital illness causing brain malformations. The combination of conditions creates numerous obstacles. Danna is cognitively challenged and nonverbal, although she can say a few words, including mom and dad. She also struggles walking and uses  a gait trainer to be independent. Danna’s disability, however, is overshadowed by her radiant joy.

 Danna is infectiously happy. She tries to dance and sing to her favorite music, but what matters is that the attempts comes straight from her heart.  She enjoys arts and crafts with her friends at school. She is quite the social butterfly.  Danna loves going out on the town and seeing people; she carries her favorite purse like a proper lady  and smiles at bystanders. Most importantly, Danna gives out hugs and kisses like Santa Claus gives out presents. In truth, little Danna is our gift wrapped in the brilliant glow of her smile, and THAT gives all year long.

 Danna needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, balance and stamina. She will even have fun riding on the trike. Please be her sponsor!



Dana received her very own therapy trike right before Christmas. It was a huge surprise for her! Since then her parents have told us that she is ridding everyday and working very hard to improve her leg strength! She is out on her trike for hours and even cries when it is time to come back home. We love to be able to make children so happy, keep going Danna!