Meet Delianys!



Meet Delianys. She was diagnosed with a rare condition known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, which has caused several challenges. Delianys is nonverbal and unable to walk. She also eats using a gtube. Doctors did not think that she would see her second birthday. Instead, Delianys is now 15 years old and very happy.


Delianys finds her own ways to have fun. She does not focus on movies or television, but music from either really grabs her attention. Her favorite songs are from Frozen, Barney and Dora the Explorer. Delianys attends school during the weekdays; she is eager to play catch during her P.E. class. She also likes people watching at her favorite theme park, Magic Kingdom. The disabled girl always smiles during these activities and in all times between. Delianys is a miracle of life and a marvel of joy. Mom describes her daughter, “ She is my princess. She changed my life!”


Delianys is currently in a large manual wheelchair. Her mom has lupus and putting the chair into their family vehicle is very difficult. They are requesting a special needs stroller to make transportation easier and safer. Delianys will be able to maintain appointments with doctors and therapists. 


Delianys received an adapted stroller. This stroller provides the needed support for her feet and head. Something store bought strollers could no longer provide because of her size! With a proper stroller Delianys is now much more comfortable and most importantly she is safe!