Wheelchairs 4 Kids gives Desi a

new soft touch sitter!

Desi in new touch sitter 2

April, 2014: Desi receives a new sitting system from Wheelchairs 4 Kids!

Desi is a 7 -year-old boy who has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and chronic lung disease.  Desi is unable to walk, sit upright or support his head well. Furthermore, Desi uses feeding tube.  Despite Desi’s multiple challenges, he is a happy kid and a true ray of sunshine for those around him.

Desi needed a specialized sitting system for his home.  Desi had outgrown his old sitting system and thus was without a safe and comfortable place to sit and eat with his family. Now, Desi has a new soft touch sitter which provides with him the necessary support while giving him comfortable place to sit in his home. As you can see in the pictures above and below, Desi is very excited and happy to have his new soft touch sitter. Thank you to the Miami Elks Lodge #948 for sponsoring Desi’s sitting system! 

Although Desi is a little boy with big challenges, he has fun too.  Like most kids, he enjoys reading “Thomas the Tank Engine” books and listening to music, especially “Wheels on the Bus” and “You are My Sunshine.”  Some days are more frustrating for Desi and he is soothed by the sound of Rachel Ray.  Her recipe talk always brings Desi a smile of relief.  Desi also enjoys watching sports with his Dad.  Their favorite teams are the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat. 

Desi in new touch sitterDesi loves his new soft touch sitter!