Meet Destiny!



Meet two-year-old Destiny. She was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. Destiny has limited mobility resulting from her illness, although she is beginning to use a gait trainer. Destiny, despite her trials, is very happy.


Destiny enjoys a few fun activities. She watches the television show Peppa Pig. She loves playing with her blocks and adores even more spending quality time with her sister. Destiny also works hard to improve her life by taking physical, occupational, and speech therapy. She has a great sense of humor and is always making her therapists laugh. The disabled child is rarely without her smile, too.   Clearly, this little girl does not let cerebral palsy control her spirit. Destiny prefers to put fate in the palms of her delicate hands. And makes life beautiful.


Destiny needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, balance, and stamina. She will also have fun riding on the trike. Please be her sponsor!   


Destiny is working hard peddling her new trike! She is having so much fun and does not realize all the added PT she is doing! Every time she is on the therapy trike she is working her leg muscles, her core, breathing and circulation get work-out as well! Keep it going Destiny!