Dominic gets wheelchair lift!


Dominic Pic Right Side


Dominic and his family are so happy!  The wheelchair lift/carrier requested for the family vehicle has been installed! Diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, Dominic is also developing osteoporosis. He is unable to walk and uses a power wheelchair to get around. Despite having contractures in his legs and arms, he has a positive attitude. To his mother and siblings, he is an inspiration. Described as sweet and handsome, his beautiful smile is contagious. Dominic is empathetic and has a deep love for animals especially his pets.

Dominic has a wide array of interests. He watches music videos and enjoys all kinds of sports. During baseball season, he cheers on the New York Yankees, his favorite baseball team. He is also a big fan of wrestling and his favorite wrestler is “The Rock”. Like many young men his age, he loves all types of food. His favorite meal of the year is Thanksgiving Dinner!

The new lift will transport Dominic’s power wheelchair.  It will give him more independence and will make going to church and getting a haircut much easier for him and his caregivers!