Meet Dyani!



Meet 19-year-old Dyani. She was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis, an illness characterized by severe joint contractions. Dyani endured many surgeries to improve her condition, but limitations continue to challenge her life. She is unable to walk or stand. Her arms are equally constricted. Dyani, as a result, uses her chin to maneuver a powerchair. She remains strong and pushes through her obstacles with iron determination.


 Dyani has a variety of interests. She listens to several music genres, but her favorite artist is Chris Brown. She watches Gators football with her family. Dyani also likes going out and being with her friends. Most of all, this young lady is highly intelligent and very curious. She spends a lot of time doing research on her computer. This task is not easy, because Dyani is not able to use her hands. Instead, she has a specialized infrared headband that allows her to move a cursor as if she were using a mouse. In this way, Dyani works on her computer for fun and for school. She is a straight A student who has been on the President’s List. She will even be receiving a four-year scholarship. She aspires to attend the Florida Institute of Technology. There’s more to Dyani than just her ambition. She has a good heart, too. Dyani is always concerned about other people and makes friends at any opportunity. Dyani is described as “That kind of girl. Beautiful inside and out!”


Dyani needs a manual wheelchair that can be put into the family vehicle. She will be more independent with the new equipment. 



Dyani received her new wheelchair and is as happy as could be. This manual wheelchair will provide her with additional freedom since her bulky power chair does not fit everywhere and can’t be taken places easily.


The world is your oyster Dyani, go explore it!