Meet Emily!



Meet 18-year-old Emily. She was diagnosed with a children’s hip disorder known as Perthes disease. The illness results in bone deformity and weakness.  Emily struggles walking because of her illness. She broke her ankle and needed surgery to implant pins and plates into her foot. Emily will need another operation for a hip implant. Emily’s challenges continue with relentless pursuit, but her optimism never falters.


Emily is exceptionally happy. She is inspired by Carrie Underwood’s song, “Jesus, Take the Wheel.” Emily likes attending baseball games with the Lakeland Tigers. Emily also attends school. Her favorite subjects are P.E. and drama. She has a special hobby, too. She collects photos of her friends and family in an organized album.  Emily’s best trait, however, is her inner beauty. She does everything with unrivaled enthusiasm, even meeting new people. She judges nobody and loves without abandon. She laughs endlessly and spreads her contagious joy like particles of sunshine. Meet Emily and discover how to live, and most importantly, how to love.


Emily and her family now have a fully functioning bathroom! Their previous bathroom had a bathtub that was extremely dangerous for Emily. There was also some other problems like a leaky shower head, un finished walls and inappropriate flooring. Our amazing crew came in and went above and beyond to ensure Emily and her family have the bathroom they deserve!