Emma’s Story!IMG_20150215_130755

Emma received a new wheelchair thru her insurance company. She needed tie-downs for her new wheelchair but Insurance would not pay for this necessary safety device. Wheelchairs 4 Kids stepped in and paid for them so Emma can now ride the school bus with her peers.

Emma was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and this has given her various hurdles. Walking is a growing challenge for Emma so she uses a wheelchair for school. Emma, however, is described as a “ball of energy”.

Emma is frequently in motion. She loves music with rhythm and dancing. Her favorite song is Megan Trainor’s “All About that Bass.” Crank up this tune and little Emma shake’s the bass with no treble. Give her a walker and just try and keep up! Once Emma is on the move, she explores her neighborhood like an inquisitive kitten! She defies the resisting force of her disease with a greater power of determination.