Meet Fernando!



Meet 18-year-old Fernando. He was diagnosed with a form of Mitochondrial Myopathy that causes progressive muscle weakness. Fernando is incapable of walking as a result. He has a teenager’s heart despite the obstacles.


Fernando has a variety of interests. He likes watching television with his sisters. Their favorite shows include Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. He loves hanging out with his sisters, but they can drive this teenage boy crazy! Fernando also listens to Marc Anthony. He hopes to see the popular performer in concert if the venue is handicap accessible. On hot days he likes cooling off in the swimming pool. The weightlessness allows him to walk, and this makes him feel great. The disabled boy has a great sense of humor, too. Fernando and his mom leave the house. Mom will tell her son to hurry up. Fernando responds, “I’m running as fast as I can!” Currently, Fernando is working hard to improve his health by undertaking an experimental procedure in New York. Fernando is concerned about his situation, but he still thinks of other people. He frequently gives his allowance to those in need. Clearly, this teenage boy is growing up to be a good man.


Fernando received an adaptive tricycle to help improve his leg strength and prevent atrophy. With this tricycle Fernando will not only have hours and hours of fun like all the other kids his age but his body will benefit from the extra workout!