Meet Frankie!




Meet a miracle. Frankie was born with an unimaginable condition. Many children with disabilities endure cerebral palsy and other challenges that include limited cognitive function. Frankie, however, was born without a brain. He survives solely by the function of his brain stem. This part of his anatomy allows his ability to breathe and swallow soft foods. He is unable to have Happy Meals or other kids’ favorites.  He eats using a g-tube. Mom sometimes feeds him pureed food which he can chew and swallow. Most importantly, his heart remains beating. Doctors said he would not survive after birth. He proved them wrong. Frankie is now two years old. Every moment with him is a gift of grace.


Frankie is not able to enjoy childhood like other little boys. He will never ride bikes or run through sprinklers. Loud noises upset his serene nature. He necessarily stays laying in his crib, quiet and peaceful like a calm morning before a sunrise. Instead, he finds contentment in a gentle touch and a soft voice. Frankie has a lovely physical therapist named Diane. This caring lady soothes Frankie by giving him delicate massages during hopeful prayers. During these treatments, Diane can almost see him smile. She sings to him “Jesus Loves Me,” but He is not alone. We all love Frankie and rejoice for each moment in his life. Meet Frankie. He is living proof that God still creates miracles.


Frankie needs a bath chair for easier and safer bathing. Currently, his mom puts Frankie in the tub with a pillow for support. Lifting him in and out is difficult and dangerous. A new bath chair will be big improvement for Frankie and his mom. 


Frankie received not only a bath chair from Wheelchairs for kids. Thanks to our gently used equipment closet Frankie was able to receive a bath chair, a stroller and a hi- lo base to use with his stroller! With these pieces of equipmet Frankie will now be able to take a bath safely and join his family outings to the park, join his family at the table for mealtime and even join them when watching tv! Frankie had no equipment and would spend his days laying in his crib. With all his new equipment Frankie’s quality of life will be much improved!