Gabriela Martinez Pic

Meet 8 year-old Gabriela. This lovely little-lady has cerebral palsy, which does not affect her big personality.

Gabriela is very outgoing, ans she is usually the first student to raise her hand in class. Her closest friend is also in a wheelchair. They challenge each other in games of tag and fun races around the basketball court, giggling the entire time. She gets along with everyone she meets, and easily makes new friends. In the school cafeteria Gabriela will push herself in the wheelchair to other girls her age; she introduces herself  and asks to join them for lunch. This driven little girl enjoys therapy, and she eagerly does her best to walk. She is motivated, determined, and optimistic!

Gabriela needed a new manual wheelchair. Her previous wheelchair had gotten too small and uncomfortable. Gabriela’s new hot pink wheelchair will help her to remain happy and healthy.