Meet Gweneth!



Meet five-year-old Gwenyth, or Gwennie. She does not have an official diagnosis, but doctors suspect her illness is Bohring-Opitz syndrome, a rare genetic condition characterized by intrauterine growth restriction. She suffers from failure to thrive, developmental delay, and many other conditions that make her life challenging. Gwennie is nonverbal and cognitively equivalent to a toddler. She is also unable to walk. She has endured numerous surgeries and many days in the hospital. Gwennie has struggled more than most adults, but she remains strong and happy.


Gwennie is a resilient child. She has fun doing many things, including playing with blocks or being submerged in a ball pit. She is an expert giggler, especially during her favorite shows and songs. Gwennie has a special bedtime routine when mom sings the American Tail classic, “Somewhere Out There.”  She is also described as having a personality twice her size. She has an iron will and knows how to communicate her feelings. Gwennie’s illness is no match for her strength. She is a fighter and we are in her cheering section.


Gwennie needs a home ramp for her stroller. The ramp will allow her to leave the house and maintain doctor’s appointments. Please be her sponsor!   



Gwenyth now has a ramp that helps her come in and out of her home in a safe way. Mom is also happy she no longer has to carry Gwennie and her chair up and down the stairs! This is such a difference for Gwennie and her mom. Having a ramp is so much more than just the ease of not going up steps; it’s security, it’s no more back pains and most importantly it’s safer!