Jays New Convaid Rodeo!


stroller 3 (1)

14 year old Jay is diagnosed with Trisonomy 9 and developmental delays.  Jay lives with an inoperable brain tumor, is blind and cannot speak. Furthermore, he is not able to walk. Jay desperately needed a Convaid Rodeo Tilt Transit wheelchair. His wheelchair was broken and not repairable.  Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to get one for him!  Although he is enrolled in home based schooling, he was unable to attend Dr. Appointments or leave his home!

His mom sent us a note “The stroller is all that we imagined and will be used for many years to come. This is a dream come true, you are so special, you have this big heart to help people and we are so grateful to you, Wheelchairs 4 Kids and all the wonderful people who support this beautiful organization!  Thank you so much, God bless you all.”

Jay is now safe in his new stroller and will be able to attend his Dr. appointments,  as well as enjoy being outside with the  sun on his face once again!