Joseph recieves a new wheelchair!


Joseph likes his new chair!August 2013: Joseph receives a new customized wheelchairs from Wheelchairs 4 Kids!

Meet Joseph the Braveheart. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of one. Joseph is now three and lives with vast obstacles unthinkable by most adults. Constant and uncontrollable seizures collapse his small body to the floor. Joseph’s ability to walk has regressed to crawling. Epilepsy has also silenced the little fellow. Most children have a way of cheerfully talking about their new discoveries of the day, but not Joseph. His voice is stifled and expressing feelings and desires are limited to crying and facial gestures. Joseph cannot tell mommy about his owie. He has endured many scary procedures in hopes of finding a cure for the epilepsy, which still remains unyielding.

Joseph desperately needed a wheelchair to have more mobility. Wheelchairs 4 Kids provided Joseph with a new customized wheelchair that he provides him with the mobility and safety he needs!

Joseph escapes the daily trials and returns to his childhood when listening to cartoon music and watching Mickey Mouse. The Disney icon really lights up Joseph’s smile and all booboos go bye-bye. He is also full of love, and Epilepsy cannot seize that from Joseph the Braveheart.