Meet Juan!



Meet five-year-old Juan. He was born premature with complications. After years of testing, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition known as Goldenhar syndrome. The illness effects the eyes, ears and spine. Juan, as a result, has many challenges. His eyelids are fused, and he is visually impaired. He is also nonverbal. Juan cannot walk, but he developed his own way to crawl. Furthermore, Juan needs equipment to eat and even for breathing. He has many more struggles, but Juan is a strong-willed child.


Juan is an intelligent boy who likes stimulating activities. He listens to songs and television shows that involve numbers and counting. He often wants to figure things out without any help.  He is also a soccer fan, and his dad plays in the popular sport. Juan is the most enthusiastic spectator while seeing his dad score the game winning goal. The loving boy likes one thing more than sports. Hugs and kisses! He melts as somebody shows him affection. Give him a hug, and your heart will melt, too.


Juan needs a ramp to make his home more accessible for a wheelchair. 


Juan’s parents are now able to roll him in and out of their home in his wheelchair thanks to their brand new ramp! The way the entrance of their home was built made it a back breaking task every time they had to transport Juan in or out of the home. Now Juan is safer without having to navigate the steps into his home!