Karica Gets a new Quickie Zip Zone Wheelchair!


Karica needed a manual wheelchair.  She had a power wheelchair but her family was unable to transport it because it does not fit into their compact car.  Karica was using an umbrella stroller that was too small and did not provide any of the postural support that she needed.  The new Quickie Zip Zone wheelchair that Wheelchairs 4 Kids provided allows her to have more accessible transportation around town and it also provides her with proper positioning and support.  Furthermore, the manual wheelchair gives Karica the opportunity to strengthen her muscles as she propels herself.

Karica is a beautiful 11 year-old girl who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Karica also has difficulty sitting upright. These obstacles do not distract her from being a pre-teen girl enjoying her youth.

Karica has loads of fun watching movies with friends and family. Her new favorite is the wacky animated film, “The Nut Job.” The movie really has her laughing in hysterics!  After going to the movies, she might have pizza at her favorite restaurant, Pizza Hut. Karica also likes modern pop music and her favorite singer is Rhianna. On a quiet day she will relax reading a good book, probably one from the “Nancy Drew” series.  This young lady has many more interests, but most of all she just wants to have fun.

Karica D Pic 2Before