Meet Karla!



Meet five-year-old Karla. She was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia. Sadly, she has to endure insurmountable sufferings. Karla is cognitively underdeveloped and mostly nonverbal. She is visually impaired.  She cannot walk or sit upright. Karla is also fully dependent on others for simple everyday tasks. Karla keeps moving ahead even with limitations that would hold most people back.


Karla is determined to be strong and happy. She enjoys music and any tv show that plays songs. She particularly likes children’s music and instrumentals. Karla is home schooled, and she loves learning colors and books with textures. Karla also gets a kick out of picking up her two adorable dogs. Most of all, she is brave. Karla sometimes falls, but she always gets up and smiles as if to say, “I’m okay! Falling won’t stop me!”


Karla needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength and stamina. She will also have fun riding the new trike. 


Karla received her new trike as a Christmas surprise! The Alamo Kiwanis invited the whole family to a spectacular Winter Wonderland for her presentation. Having a trike will help Karla gain strength in her legs which will improve her ability to walk in the not so distant future.