Meet Kayden!



Meet one-year-old Kayden. He was born deprived of oxygen and diagnosed with Hemiplegia and Hemiparesis. He is just learning how to walk. Kayden is also nonverbal, but he communicates by making certain sounds. Kayden has many other daily struggles, but he is not deficient in love.


Kayden has an awesome mom and dad who do their best to ensure this little boy is happy. They play music for Kayden. He gets excited and tries to sing along with the songs. Mom reads to him a book called “I Can Help.” The story is about a duck who gets lost. Kayden beams when the scared duck has help from a kindly elephant. Kayden is also thrilled when his mom makes elephant sounds at the book’s end. Mom and dad also play with Kayden as the three will kick around a ball. He really enjoys the exercise! In fact, this little boy is a bundle of energy, and his family’s hero. Mom best described her son.


“He is beautiful. He is a creation of me and his father. He’s my reason to live. When I see him, and I think of how messed up this world is, I know my child is still innocent and pure. He’s perfect!”


Kayden received a walker from Wheelchairs 4 Kids. It will help him start to walk in a safe and secure way ensuring he feels confident with each steps he takes. With more confidence he will use the walker more and gain more strength in his legs and core!


You are on you way Kayden!