Wheelchairs 4 Kids helps Kimberly get around in her new adaptive stroller!


August 2014-Kimberly needed a new push chair. Her old one was coming apart and was very uncomfortable. She uses a power chair that is heavy and cannot be transported outside of her home. Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to get Kimberly this push chair so she is able, once again, to go out with friends and family and also maintain important doctor’s appointments.

Kimberly has Cerebral Palsy and faces many challenges. She is unable to walk and struggles to verbalize her needs. This can be discouraging for a teen girl who would love to do many things with her friends, like going to the beach. However, Kimberly is outgoing and she always smiles.

Kimberly is a sports fan and she especially likes going with family and friends to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. She also watches exciting World Cup Soccer! During simmering summer days Kimberly cools down by floating in the pool. This is the best way for any Floridian to beat the heat! Furthermore, she and her friends will hangout to watch the Twilight movies. Kimberly has many other ways of enjoying her youth. She inspires everyone by defying her disability with a dauntless determination to be an ordinary girl. That makes her extraordinary!