Meet Luis!




Meet 10 year-old Luis. He was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Sadly, he is losing muscle tone each day in his arms and legs. He walks short distances in his house. Luis pushes a manual wheelchair for longer periods. These tasks, unfortunately, are becoming more difficult. Luis does not let his situation dampen his spirit.


Luis enjoys a variety of activities. He is a huge fan of the Chivas Mexican soccer team. However, he also likes to practice boxing moves in his wheelchair. Luis is highly intelligent, too.  The young boy attends school and he loves painting during art class and working on computers in lab. Sometimes, he even exhibits kindness and patience when teaching his mom how to do something new. Luis is very determined to succeed in life. Although he is losing many abilities, his heart and mind are more than a match for his illness.


Luis needs a motorized wheelchair to give him more independence. Please be his sponsor!



Luis received his power wheelchair. He is currently learning how to use it in a safe and responsible manner. He will be able to take it home very shortly! This power wheelchair will be a life changer for Luis as his diagnosis is degeneartive and will cause him to loose strength a little every day!