Meet Lyla!


Meet seven-year-old Lyla. This little cutie was diagnosed with a very difficult disease known as Mycoplasma Mitosis, which occurs when pneumonia affects the spinal cord instead of the lungs. The result of the illness is more than a challenge. For most of her life, Lyla has undergone plasma transfusions every four weeks. The procedure occurs in a hospital and takes several hours. The next day she is violently ill with high fevers and vomiting. Furthermore, there is no other option to ease Lyla’s struggle. The infusion eventually increases her strength but begins to wear off after three weeks.  Lyla can walk a few feet using crutches, but she uses a wheelchair for all other situations. She also has a compromised immune system. Lyla being a strong child is an understatement.


Lyla is determined to have a fun childhood. She enjoys reading and Dr. Seuss is her favorite. She recently had a Dr. Seuss week in school, and she dressed up with her classmates as the iconic characters from the books. She also likes writing assignments using her vivid imagination. Her favorite topic, however, is science. In fact, Lyla is one of the brightest students in her grade. She works hard in school, but playing is important, too. Taking a ride on the swings is a must for Lyla. Lyla does all of this and more with boundless grace. She is an inspiring fighter who gets knocked down by her illness, but then springs up and smiles as if nothing happened. Truthfully, something did happen. We met Lyla and fell in love. She is our hero without compare.    


Lyla needs a new wheelchair. She has an old donated chair large enough for a teenager. Lyla is uncomfortable in it, but shows appreciation by saying, “I feel free.” However, she deserves better. Please be a generous donor and provide her with a new wheelchair that gives her improved support and comfort.   



Lyla received her first ever wheelchair at our Jail & Bail event. Watching her roll around in her new chair was simply mesmerizing! You could automatically tell she was much more comfortable in this wheelchair as her smile glowed with pride as she turned to see the  crowd of “Felons” watching her!