Wheelchairs 4 Kids presents Maia with

a new adaptive car seat!

2014 04 11 006Maia in her supportive and comfy adaptive car seat!

April, 2014: Wheelchairs 4 Kids presents Maia with a new adaptive car seat!

Maia is a highly spirited five-year-old girl who battles Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She is unable to walk, and must use a power wheelchair for mobility.  Maia has trouble supporting her head or sitting upright without assistance.  Furthermore, Maia requires a g-tube to ensure that she gets the nourishment she needs.  Any of these painful realities would throttle some, but not Maia.  

Maia really needed an adaptive car seat! Her old one was too small and no longer provided the necessary support. Maia has low muscle tone and her respiratory problems are made worse by bad posture. Thus, Maia’s new car seat is equipped with great head support and wonderful padding for extra cushioning. Now, Maia can ride in both safety and comfort! Maia’s mother told W4K, “we are all so ecstatic that we can drive her around in a nice safe car seat that gives her the postural support that she needs. Our car rides will be much more enjoyable now for sure!” Check out these before and after pictures:

2014 04 11 003Maia’s old car seat

2014 04 11 006Maia’s new car seat

Maia loves having fun! Sometimes, Maia and her two sisters want a girls’ day shopping at the mall.  Very few stores make Maia smile like Build-A-Bear! She loves animals, too. Maia has three dogs and a cat. They snuggle and nuzzle her with unconditional love. Maia’s favorite activity is singing.  Play a tune on a karaoke machine and Maia will serenade the audience until their hearts melt! Check out Maia DJing the song “Happy” by Pharrell in her new car seat in this adorable picture below!

2014 04 11 004Maia loves the headset in her new car seat!